St. Johnland IPA - India Pale Ale

Standing out in a saturated market isn't easy.  If we were going to brew an IPA, it was going to be done right.  With the influx of hazy juicy dominating the market, we decided to go old school and create a beautiful, crisp, clear, copper colored IPA and introduce some of the flavor characteristics of the new school juicy style.  This one comes in at 70 IBU and 7.5%ABV and has a nice hint of the piney, citrusy flavors that made IPA's popular.  But it also has some hints of tropical melon, guava and apricot from the generous amounts of El Dorado and Medusa hops.  We are very proud of this brew and hope it will be enjoyed for years to come !


Pride In our Town

Pride in our craft

Cluster Fugg - American Amber

Our second release we have been chomping at the bit to get out to the public.  This gorgeous American Amber is a malty delight.  Brewed with lots of rich malts and fermented to a 70% attenuation to retain lots of it's wonderful malt character.  You may find the flavors of honey, caramel, burnt sugar and even almond from the malt combination, with a bit of mild earthy flavor from the Fuggle hops.  This one comes in at 6.3% ABV and 31 IBU.  The moderate bittering is nicely offset by the sweet malty flavor.  There are some popular Amber Ales out there right now, but one taste of Cluster Fugg and you are going to forget the rest !


Harrison's Blonde - Kolsch

Our flagship brew, Harrison's Blonde is a light, crisp and clean ale that drinks like a lager.  Brewed with traditional German grains and Noble hops, and an American flare from the dry hop addition of the Mosaic hop.  A good malt to hop balance with a subtle toffee like sweetness and a slight toast.   The aroma can be described as slightly floral or piney with a hint of a fruit flavored bubble gum.   This super drinkable beer comes in at a robust 5.5% abv and a very drinkable 22 IBU.   Named after Harrison Pond, the Kings Park pond we all grew up playing hockey on during our winters, it's a simple beer with a slightly complex finish.  A versatile beer that can be enjoyed in all seasons.  For our KP friends, long live Noodles !